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Reviews of Eames Lounge Chair Replicas for Sale

Before you buy replica of Eames lounge chair you should read some reviews. Read it carefully to and choose the right one for you. Its very important to read many user reviews.

Replica vs Real Chair

Real Eames chair cost up to $7000 while replicas are from $500 to $1200 and that is a big difference in the price. However, there are not much difference in the quality. Replicas of Eames chair are made with the same materials. So when you buy an original chair you are paying for the designers signature. Not sure if that is worth to pay additional $5000-$6000.

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I Bought an Eames Lounge Chair!

And I made out like a bandit, purchased for $39.99. I know, you hate me.

I adore all 2 1/2″ inches of the iconic mini.

Mini, you ask?
Ha! Yes, it is only a miniature for La Petite Maison.

So I am not sticking to my schedule of construction before furniture.

But as project manager, I can do what I want!

Coming up this weekend: start of construction

Kardiel Eames Style Plywood Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Black Semi-Aniline/Palisander

The Eames lounge chair and ottoman was introduced by Charles and Ray (Kaiser) Eames in 1956. A numeric name was assigned to the piece, that being the 670 for the lounge and the 671 for the ottoman. The lounge chair set enjoyed its first wide scale public appearance that same year on the TV set of the Arlene Francis Home Show that later became known as the “Today Show” that is in broadcast to this day. There have been numerous TV and movie appearances for the chair since. It appeared in Chandler and Joey s apartment in the first airing of Friends. The Eames Chair Ottoman in 2010 appeared in Iron Man in Tony Starks apartment. In 2011 the chair was seen in the white aniline leather on the Hampton based TV show Royal Pains and the 2011 big screen hit Tron. The Eames Lounge Chair appeals to

1945-6  Molded Plywood Chair

While working as a set designer for MGM, Charles smuggled plywood, rubber and glue out of the studio to collaborate on a furniture project with his second wife Ray. The result: the revolutionary molded Plywood range that would come to include the LCW, DCW, DCM and LCM.

Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair – a landmark of modern design

Product Story:

The Swan Chair is designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This classic icon is not only a work of art, it is minimal in design, adding a single chair to an existing group or grouping several chairs together easily creates an interesting conversation and entertaining area. Mix or match the colors. This is the perfect choice for a seating option when you want to incorporate into your spaces a modern classic organic flowing shape.

The iconic Eames Lounge Chair (or just get a tiny replica)
IKEA Outdoor Chaise (ok, not for a living room, but surprisingly chic and design-y for them)
Parker Slipper Chair in Nordic Weave Indigo, West Elm
Hans Wegner Shell Chair
Capo Dining Chair
by Neri&Hu
Iconic Eames Molded Plywood Chair – IN WOODGRAIN
Forma Milkyway Ivory Chair, Article

These are all obviously the cream of the crop. Amazon has a surprisingly vast selection of furniture in any kind of style you could want. Maybe this is obvious to you but to me, that was definitely not the first place I did look. Happy Chair Hunting!

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